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3 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Bathroom Hand Dryer

When you are searching for the best hand dryer for commercial property, World Dryer offers excellent options to suit a variety of needs. But looking through the catalog may leave you more confused than ever – how do you know what you need? Here are three easy steps to follow for choosing the best option for your property.

Low, Medium, or High Traffic?

The first step is to determine how much traffic the hand dryer needs to be able to accommodate. For example, are you simply outfitting a restroom for a staff of just ten people? Studies show that in an eight-hour period, each person will use the hand dryer about four to five times. So you can assume 50 uses per day. Anything under 100 uses per day is considered low traffic.

However, if you are outfitting a public restroom that will serve hundreds of visitors every day, you need a hand dryer that can handle high traffic – and likely more than one. Anything above 300 uses per day is considered high traffic. If you need a high traffic dryer, you’ll be looking for something that is extremely energy efficient and has a longer motor life.

Small or Large Hand Dryer?

The next thing to consider is what size dryer you need. Do you need an economy dryer that will fit in a small bathroom and use less electricity? Or do you need a larger dryer to do the job faster and with better results? Be sure to consider how a larger hand dryer may be louder because there is more air being forced through the nozzle, and if that will impact the space around the restroom. Click here to know more.

Type of Hand Dryer

Finally, you’ll want to decide what type of dryer you want. There are traditional dryers that require users to press a button and then hold their hands under a nozzle that forces out hot air. These are affordable but tend to use more energy. There are high-speed dryers, which are similar to traditional models but make a lot more noise. Then there are automatic hand dryers, which don’t require a button, and are often more sanitary because they can use cool air rather than hot air (a good example is the VMax at World Dryer).

If you aren’t sure what you need, take a look at the World Dryer buying guide tool!