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What to Know Before You Book Your Vacation Scuba Classes

Are you considering a tropical vacation? If so, you may have considered taking scuba classes while you’re away. Scuba diving is a fun and exciting sport that is great for almost everyone, but it’s important to know a few things before you sign up for that first class.

Your Hotel or Resort May Offer Scuba Lessons

Some major hotels and resorts offer complimentary scuba diving sessions, classes and more as part of your stay. Ask your attendants or concierge provider about these amenities. Some smaller locations may not offer this service, but they may be able to point you in the direction of a local provider of lessons and certification.

You Don’t Need Your Own Gear – For the Most Part

The gear that is required for scuba diving can be quite expensive, but luckily you can rent most of it. The only items you will likely be required to buy or bring along will be a scuba mask, snorkel for shallow dives and practice sessions and swimming fins. These pieces must be custom-fit to function properly, so rental is not typically an option.

Taking Classes Can Secure your Scuba Certification

If you are interested in scuba diving at another time after your trip, you can apply the experience you gain during your scuba classes to a scuba diving certification. This certification will make it legal for you to dive, rent or buy equipment and perform maintenance on that equipment without the supervision of an experienced diver or licensed instructor

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