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Green Power Energy Announces New Partnership with Sunnova for Solar Leases and Solar Loans

The current situation of energy availability and its effect can be clearly seen around us here in New Jersey. No longer are people discussing if renewable energies are damaging the planet, rather the question has shifted to ‘how quickly?’

With more and more people becoming aware of the dire need to shift to more renewable sources of energy, it’s unfortunate to say that they up against an unlikely enemy – financing. While the population is interested in using an energy source that leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible, it isn’t as easy for the normal human being in the middle, or even the upper middle class. However, in our home state of NJ, this change in perspective and eagerness to play a part in moving towards better, greener solutions should not be allowed to die down. If allowed, there can be various schemes set up that allow people to get their money’s worth when it comes to renewable options. One of the examples for this is the solar loan and the solar lease. A solar lease allows a buyer to not pay the high initial cost for solar panels, instead the cost in broken down into monthly installments. Similarly, a solar loan is borrowing money from a third party to buy a solar panel and returning the money in monthly installments, something with interest based on the agreement between the parties. The solar loan will generally allow the homeowner to take advantage of the tax credit and SRECS.

Keeping the above in mind, there is good news for the people of New Jersey that are interested in going green. After a total of 2-year hiatus, the Green Power Energy is pleased to announce that they have renewed their partnership with Sunnova for financing both solar loans and solar leases in New Jersey. Sunnova is privately held company that works out of Houston, Texas and provides solar panels in a variety of shapes and sizes based on your preference. Sunnova is already distributing its products to 17 states, namely OR, NV, CA, AZ, NM, CO, TX, LA, MO, IN, PA, NY, DE, MD, CT and MA. It is one of the top residential solar panel providers in the US. Their solar panels are designed for home usage and they have partnered with several solar panel installers that provide full service for people who want to do their part in the protection of the environment.

Solar Panels, if bought through the solar lease or the solar loan, are a brilliant way to save money in New Jersey. The Sunnova solar leases allow customers to go completely solar for $0 down in the simplest and easiest way possible. It’s light on your pocket and light on the environment as well. For example, an ideal customer for this program would be someone that just recently retired and is finally moving in to their retirement home because many retirees cannot take advantage of the full tax credit. In addition, installing solar panels instead of the traditional method of obtaining electricity will allow these folks to not worry about paying electricity bills again. In fact, with the net metering system being set up, any excess electricity produced will be sent back to the grid and the utility will actually be paying them! It’s the perfect long term energy solution – all it requires is regular maintenance checkups.

For people that are looking for a long term solution that is light on their pockets and an appetite for tax credit, the solar loan will be the best option for them. This option will provide a peace of mind and allow customers to lock in the cheapest electricity rates for their home in NJ. Green Power Energy can help you understand whether the Sunnova Lease or the Sunnova Loan is right for your home.