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3 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

A business is only as strong as the attitude of its grouchiest employee, which means that it’s preferable to have a happy, fulfilled staff who like coming to work. The best way to foster this positive attitude, though, is to embrace it at the beginning.

1. Recognize Individuality

One of the biggest morale killers in business is when people feel like a faceless cog in a machine. Entrepreneur lists ways that staff morale can be improved, and it always comes back to the individual and bonds with coworkers. In the hiring stage, the best employee recruitment programs rely on referrals and preexisting connections. Retinent is a software model that’s based on this approach but computerized and automated, making it simple to track your employees’ unique progress and paths within the company.

2. Offer Incentives and Rewards

Employees often quit jobs or look for new ones if they feel stuck or like they can’t move forward. However, this feeling applies to more than the financial situation or level of seniority. People like to be creative and feel intellectually fulfilled, and that’s where passion projects come in. Let your employees shine by investing time in what they love. Another good tactic is to use automated incentives tracked by computer. This might mean someone who provides a successful referral is rewarded with a cash bonus after a set amount of time.

3. Value Outgoing Feedback

It’s as important to analyze outgoing feedback when employees leave as it is when they arrive. Employee recruitment programs can be honed by understanding why people leave and what their experience was at the company. People have major life events that cause their situation to change such as marriage or a job change for a spouse. Even in those positive situations where there isn’t a harsh criticism or negative feelings, there’s wisdom to be gained from inviting the employee to provide feedback about their experience working for the business. There may be flaws in your employee retention practices you’re not even aware of.

The bottom line to keeping staff consistent and long-term is to make them feel valued. Encouraging comradeship and acknowledging the value of each person’s ideas regardless of seniority is what makes a cohesive team. It’s this type of work environment that employees actively wish to enter and remain within.