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How Duct Cleaning in Waterloo, IA can Prevent a Fire

One of the most common places for a fire to occur in a home or a restaurant is in the kitchen. Yes, there are occurrences of electrical fires, fires caused by cigarettes and other fire sources, but most commonly, the kitchen is the culprit. Taking care in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to ensure that a fire doesn’t break out. Even something as simple as making sure the stove and oven are cleaned regularly can reduce the risk of fires.

A couple of areas that many people don’t think about are the vent hood and the ductwork. However, these areas should be cleaned regularly and the best resource for cleaning is a company that offers Duct Cleaning in Waterloo IA.

Grease Buildup

It’s easy to notice grease buildup on counters, cabinets and around the oven. However, both the vent hood – and associated exhaust system – and the air ducts in the kitchen area are also exposed to grease from cooking and frying foods. The problem is, with the right conditions, the grease can ignite and cause a kitchen fire, which could easily spread to the home. Making sure both the vents and the ductwork are cleaned properly is important.

Smoke Inhalation

Another reason that the vent hood and exhaust system should be cleaned regularly is that this is the system that is supposed to direct smoke from cooking outside of the home. When working properly, this system can help vent out smoke from a small fire as well. Essentially, when the vent and exhaust system is working correctly, the air quality in the home is better. For a home with small children or elderly people, this can reduce the risk of asthma and chronic lung issues. When the system isn’t working properly, it’s time to call in a company that offers Duct Cleaning in Waterloo IA.

Whether you own a restaurant or you’re a homeowner, making sure that your ducts, vents and exhaust system are free of grease is important. Imagine what your counters and stove might look like if they weren’t cleaned regularly, and that’s what the inside of these areas look like. If you want to have your ducts checked out, contact Iowa Fire Control today for a thorough inspection of all of the high-risk areas in your home.