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Reasons to Regularly Test the Smoke Detectors in Your Business

Fire alarm systems are designed to protect a business and the occupants of the building from harmful smoke and fire. When the sensors are triggered on an alarm, it will notify occupants of the building to evacuate and local authorities there is a possible fire. However, when the detectors do not work properly, it can lead to false alarms or a fire going unnoticed. To ensure the safety of everyone in the building and minimize the risk of a disaster, it is important to perform smoke detector inspection in Toronto, ON routinely.

Benefits of Testing

  • A non-working smoke detector can violate local and government fire codes that can lead to high fines if not repaired.
  • Most insurance companies require businesses to have a functional system to keep their policy valid.
  • Smoke detector inspection in Toronto, ON can help save lives by alerting occupants of the building to a possible fire.
  • If a fire should occur and it is determined the smoke detectors were not working, it can lead to high legal fees from lawsuits of people injured during the blaze.
  • Prevents the alarms from sounding when there is no smoke; which can become annoying and waste valuable resources when local authorities respond to the alarm.

Professionally Test Your Detectors

When it comes to routine testing of smoke detectors in a business, it is important to leave the job to the experts. Harding Fire Protection provides a team of skilled technicians that can thoroughly inspect your company’s smoke detectors to ensure they are working properly. If a problem is discovered during the testing, their technician will work to find the source of the problem to fix the issue. Why risk your company and the occupants of the building when reliable fire protection services are available?