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The Power of Targeted Information Delivered in Record Time

Companies that want to invest in continuous professional training should consider micro-learning approach due to its efficiency. The approach is very effective as only the most important information is released to the employees at a specific time. The kind of information passed has a direct impact on retention, productivity and level of competitiveness in the industry.

Personalized Information for Effective Learning

Anyone who enrolls for the course receives information that is specifically important to them at the moment. The modules are very short so they are suitable for people with tight schedules and short attention spans. Professionals have tight schedules and might not be able to attend long trainings so this module is ideal for them. Since the information is released bit by bit, the professionals have time to apply what they learn and this increases their productivity. Learners can access the modules from anywhere as they can be accessed through any mobile device.

High Assimilation as Information is in Manageable Bits

In microlearning, learners focus on one objective of learning. This means that learners move on to the next objective only after they have fully understood the current objective. Every learning module focuses on specific information that is meant to benefit a specific target group. This information is needed to fulfill a specific duty at a particular time. Companies that embrace this type of learning take pride in highly trained and competitive employees. The delivery of information in bit sized chunks allows for faster gain in information and increased information retention.

Low Cost but Very Effective

Companies that opt to use this type of learning incur low costs as the nuggets can be developed within a short time. CoreAxis has customized eLearning strategies that are tailored to increase employee engagement and company productivity. The company uses creative and innovative techniques to deliver the information needed.