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My Car Failed Its Smog Test. Now What?

The DMV of California required your vehicle pass a smog check as part of the registration process. If your vehicle fails, what must you do? There are only two choices available: repair the problem or stop driving the car. The registration cannot be renewed or completed if it fails the smog test.

According to the DMV, vehicles in California must pass a biennial smog test to pass registration. New residents to the state are requires having their car inspected to register it in California. The test is required even if you hold a certificate from the previous state. Tests are available DMV-approved shops in Fairfield and around the state.

Costs for Repairs

As with most vehicle repairs the cost is hard to predict. It may be surprisingly low or exceedingly high. An EVAP solenoid replacement can be an inexpensive repair while replacing a catalytic converter could be an expensive repair costing as much as two-thousand dollars for labor and parts. Other expensive problems could be an EGR failure.

A simple repair could cost a few hundred dollars, but the failure could signal real engine problems. Sadly, the low repair cost is not to be expected.

Testing After the Repair

A reputable shop will guarantee its repairs and test the results. Make sure the repair shop completes the test. Cheap aftermarket parts can save you money but cause failure in the near future. Make sure parts used to repair the problem meet California standards for emissions.

Selling Your Car

The other option available to you if your car fails the smog check is to sell your car. But be aware, the failure will greatly diminish the value of your car.

In short, the California DMV requires vehicles pass the smog test. Be aware, if your vehicle fails the test, the repair costs could be expensive. Be sure the repair shop tests your car after repairs are completed. Whether you live in Fairfield or anywhere else in California, your only other option is to stop driving the vehicle.