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Reduce Problems with Decomposition with a Reliable Residue Manager

In the past several decades, one problem that farmers experience each year is the rate of decomposition from the previous year’s crops. When the past year’s crops do not properly decompose, it leaves behind debris that can affect how the current year’s crops are planted. The vegetation that is left behind from the past year can cause seeds to be placed incorrectly in the land and the foliage to get entwined in the farming equipment. When the undergrowth entangles in the machinery, it can lead to crops not being planted correctly and slowing the process of sowing the seeds. With residue managers, grind the old crops up to provide vital nutrients required for the new crops to grow.

How to Correctly Use the Equipment

  • When choosing residue managers, it is important to select one that can be controlled from inside of the cab to eliminate wasted time adjusting the equipment to the height of the land.
  • They should remain level from all sides while being used.
  • A machine that can adjust to the height of the land and will shift when traveling up or down the field.
  • The height of the frame should be adjusted to the correct height before being used.
  • When used correctly, the residue manager will help speed up the decomposition of the old vegetation to provide essential nutrients to the soil.

Purchase Your Equipment from a Trusted Company

When investing in farm equipment, it is important to select a company that is devoted to providing their clients with dependable and superior machinery. Fennig Equipment offers competitive prices on quality equipment created by the top manufacturers in the nation. They have a large inventory of farming equipment to help meet any need that you have in producing healthy crops.