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Cat Furniture and Scratchers to Protect Your Home from Sharp Claws

Cat furniture and scratchers in Gainesville are essential parts of the home. Cat owners know the desire cats have to scratch on everything to sharpen their claws, and there are quite a few lovely pieces of furniture that could be ruined by a cat. There are wonderful scratchers and pet furniture pieces that may be purchased for homes in the Gainesville area, and each will help preoccupy your cats.

The Cat Tower

Towers act as furniture and scratchers, and there are many sizes/styles. You may choose a cat tower that practically reaches to the ceiling, or you may find one that has many hidden tunnels, is shaped like a tree or holds the litter box. Food and water dishes may be added to cat furniture and scratchers in Gainesville, and the cats may be contained in a fairly small part of the house.

Personal Scratchers

Personal cat scratchers are often given to pets when they leave the shelter, and you may choose a small scratcher that your pet may keep near their litter box or water bowl. These scratchers are no larger than a piece of wood you might use in your workshop, and they are infused with catnip that attracts your pets.

Cat Beds

Cat beds often act as hybrid pieces of furniture that will include a pillow and an outer edge that the cat may scratch on. There are many hybrid beds that you may place in the house where your cats will sleep, and they will focus on scratching there because they spend so much time in the bed.

Choosing Several Items

You may go so far as using a tower, bed, and personal scratcher at the same time to keep your cats happy. Giving them several places to flex their claws helps immensely, and you will find that cat furniture and scratchers in Gainesville will keep your precious living room and bedroom furniture safe from sharp cat claws.