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How To Get Your Home Back In Shape After Water Damage

It’s amazing just how much damage can be done to a home with a little bit of water. If your home and your possessions have been ruined or damaged, acting quickly is always the best policy. But when you’re looking around at the mess, how do you know where to start so that you can do just that? Here are a few tips for getting your home cleaned back up and functioning again after water damage.

  • First, think about safety. Disconnect, unplug, or turn off anything electrical. This will keep you safe while you work out what needs to happen with your possessions. If your home has water standing in certain areas, you’ll need to turn off the breaker that controls that area, so the electrical sockets aren’t getting power.
  • Next, get your big, movable items out of the way. During a water damage cleanup job, you’ll need to be able to start from scratch in an empty room, as much as possible. So get rid of your furniture, rugs, and anything else in the space that can go.
  • Now comes the part that takes the longest: getting rid of the water, and drying up the area. To get to the damage, you’ve got to make sure that the water is gone. You may just be able to soak up moisture with towels, or you may need a sump pump rental to get it all out. Mopping and then using fans and dehumidifiers to dry it all up finishes this step.
  • Now you can begin the water damage cleanup nitty gritty. You’ll want to disinfect everything to prevent mold growth and decide which possessions should be tossed out due to excessive water damage. Bringing items with a lot of water damage back into your home can encourage mold as well. Use a specific mold-control cleaner to mist the walls, floors, furniture, ceiling, and anything else that could attract mold.

Water Damage Cleanup by the Pros

The steps above aren’t always easy for someone who also has to work a busy job, raise a family, sort through damaged family possessions, and more. That’s where the pros come in to help you get your house back in order. You can contact Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration Pros today to find out how we can provide you with quality water damage cleanup, while you focus on getting your life back on track. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.