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How Old Does a Dog Have to Be to Be in a Kennel

It’s usually easy-peasy setting up boarding for an older pet, after all, finding a kennel for dogs is almost second nature. but what happens when your fur baby is an ACTUAL baby? If you have a trip coming up, here’s what you need to think about to ensure the peace of mind of your trip and the safety of your pet.

How Young is Too Young?
Boarding a young puppy is possible but your dog needs to be a certain age before he can be boarded.

Many boarding facilities won’t even consider boarding young puppies because of the risk of these pets becoming ill. Contagious illnesses are the main reason that most boarding houses set an age minimum for puppy boarding.

While the rules vary from place to place, puppies are required to have their first set of vaccinations to be considered. this rounds about to around 3 months old for most pets. Even though your pet CAN be boarded at 3 months, it is actually better to wait until 4 months, if possible, when they will have had their second round of vaccinations.

Vaccine Requirements
Most boarders require that your pet is up to date on vaccinations like rabies and other infectious diseases so be sure to check the requirements with each boarding company you interview. For places who require certain sets of shots, your pet may not be old enough to get in the doors and meet the requirements due to age restrictions on immunization safety at different stages of your dog’s life. If your pup is old enough to board but you are still concerned, ask your vet what you may be able to do to lower his or her risks of contracting diseases.

Parasites and Puppies
If your pet is currently dealing with issues like fleas, parasites or worms, you will need to get them under control before they can be boarded. You may even need to show proof that your dog has been treated or dewormed to be accepted.

Boarding and kennels can help you to take the trip of a lifetime or just attend to a little business, however, remember to check with the boarding company of your choice to ensure that not only can your dog attend their boarding facilities. but that they can do so safely.