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The Reasons You May have Fruit Flies in Your Home

When the weather gets warmer outside, you may begin to notice fruit flies everywhere. There is no question that they are annoying and like to swarm around your food. Also, once they get started, you can’t seem to get rid of them. While you can call for pest control services in Ventura to help with this problem, there are a few others steps you can take to prevent fruit fly infestations, as well.

Avoid Leaving Produce Out

If you want to prevent issues with fruit flies, you should keep in mind they are small in size. One of the best things you can do is to avoid leaving items they are attracted to out where they are easy to access. This means not leaving any produce on your counter or in your pantry. If it is left out, as soon as it becomes ripe, you should throw it away, eat it, cook it or put it in the freezer. Also, when throwing out this ripe fruit, make sure to put it in a trash can, outside and away from your home.

Additional Tips to Prevent Fruit Flies

In addition to keeping ripe fruit off your counters, any pest control services in Ventura would also recommend the following to prevent fruit flies:

  • Take your recycling container out of your home
  • Clean up under your fridge on a regular basis
  • Close all of your drinks (especially fruity drinks, cider and wine)
  • Be sure lids on food and drinks are airtight

Unfortunately, fruit flies can become quite the nuisance during the hotter months of the year. By using the preventative steps here, you can help to keep them away. However, if you need professional help with your fruit fly problem, be sure to contact professional pest control services in Ventura.