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Transform Your Military Housing into the Perfect Home

After serving time away from home, you want to spend time in a place that feels like “home”, whether you are currently living somewhere or you’re looking for military housing in San Diego, there are a ton of different ways you can achieve that homely atmosphere with some orderly ideas, planning, and creativity.

Fill the Extra Wall Space

When you walk into a home and there are no photographs to let you know who lives there, it feels vacant. Photographs say so many things about your life. They tell your history in a biographical way.

Grab hold of your photos and make a note in your mind to get them framed as soon as possible. Fill the walls of your home with family photographs. If you have to take down paintings that don’t hold any meaning and replace them with family photos, go for it.

Brighten the Environment

A dark house equals a dark mood. The little things go a long way, start by replacing darker colored curtains for a sheer selection that welcomes natural sunlight. Put life back into your home and consider adding color. Whether you’re into wall art or colorful patterns, there are many ways you can add style and creativity to your home.

Stay in Good Company

Home will never feel like home if the people you love and care about are always absent, it feels like nothing more than walls surrounding you. Invite family and friends over on an occasional basis so that you associate your home with a place of comfort and company.

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