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Choosing the Best Ink Refill Kits

There are hundreds of ink refill kits you can choose to buy when you are getting low on ink. Not all are compatible with your printer or your printing needs, however. Know what to look for when you are in the market to buy a new ink refill kit. Here are a few simple rules to follow before purchasing.


This seems practical. Make sure that the refill kit you choose is compatible with your ink cartridges and your printer. The ink colors should match as closely as possible for optimal performance. It is possible to ruin your printer by using a kit that is not meant for your printer.


The pricing for ink refill kits can vary. Although all relatively inexpensive, the kits can range from around $10-$100. You should have a set budget in your head when doing your comparison shopping and figure out the best kit for you and in your price range. More expensive does not necessarily mean it’s your best option. If you have many ink cartridges to refill, look for price deals where you can save big.


Each kit comes with different supplies and pieces. Make sure that all the pieces you need are included. Depending on your printer and ink cartridge, different pieces may be included or omitted from certain kit packs. Know the brand and model of both your printer and ink cartridge to ensure you know what you will need for refilling.


Check out the online reviews of any of the kits you may be looking at. You may be able to find out any hidden pros and cons by reading them that you wouldn’t otherwise think of. You can find out a brands reputation and if you will be spending your money wisely on your potential purchase.

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