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3 Things to Know Before You Buy and Install a Nanny Cam

Keeping your children safe is a priority. Installing wifi nanny cameras in your home can give you the assurance and peace of mind you need to make sure you’re kids are in the right care. However, there are several considerations you’ll need to factor in before you install one and hit record:

Know the laws

It’s not illegal to install video surveillance cameras in your home in all 50 states but you can’t videotape your nanny in private areas like the bathroom or her bedroom. Do it in common spaces like the kitchen, dining area, nursery or playroom. You can cover plenty of ground that way and if there’s anything to catch, those spaces will provide you with more than enough proof. Audio recording, though, is against the law in several states so you’ll want to check if yours is one of them before you put in audio-recording devices in place, says Care.

Monitor the home

These cameras aren’t just a convenient way to reassure yourself of your children’s safety. It can also help you monitor your home while you aren’t there. You know just where the kids are and keeping tabs on them—whether they’re fast asleep in their beds or sneaking into the kitchen for a midday snack—you’ll know what your tots are up to.

Catch a few ‘issues’

Wifi nanny cameras also show you things you might need to talk to your nanny about. For instance, if you see her on the phone all the time, while the kids are making a mess in the kitchen with no one there to keep an eye on them, then that’s an issue you’ll need to straighten out right away.

Be sure to factor these in before you install a nanny cam in your home. With these cams, you can rest easy, knowing your kids are safe.