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Oman’s Top 5 Sights

Below, we list Oman’s Top 5 Sights:

Nizwa Livestock Market

The colorful livestock market in Nizwa is full of human interest that no Oman visitor should omit. Each Friday morning the capital of Oman’s inside will become a swarm of activity as goats, sheep, and cattle are auctioned among sceneries of excitement. Hundreds of men in the area in their long, elegant dishdashas, as well as distinctive kuma hats, in conjunction with vibrantly dressed women (some of whom dress in traditional Bedouin facemasks), go to the market and unwittingly upstage all livestock within this fascinating and timeless scene.

Wadi Bani Awf

Wadi Bani Awf dramatically winds through the Hajar Mountains and connects the coastal Batinah plain along with the interior of the country and widely is thought to be the top off-road drive experience within Oman. The rugged mountainous valley contains amazing mountain scenes and offers incredible photo ops at almost every turn.

Wadi Nakhr Gorge

Well-known as Oman’s “Grand Canyon,” Wadi Nakhr dramatically cuts into the stomach of Jebel Shams, the country’s highest mountain (at 3,005 m), and includes amongst Oman’s fantastic natural wonders. The amphitheatre-like chasm will plunge down for more than a kilometer to the valley ground below and is better seen either from its observation point up on Jebel Shams, or from breathtaking ‘Balcony Walk’.

Bahla Fort

Just 1 of Oman’s 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pottery center of Bahla includes the place of a recently restored, and hugely impressive, fortress of pre-Islamic origin attesting to the ingenuity and power of medieval Banu Nebhan tribe. The town of Bahla is guarded by a wall more than eight miles in length that once was protected by a unique slave detachment.

Musandam Fjords

The Musandam Peninsula, among the least developed and most scenic places in Oman, is well-known for its fabulous rugged mountains, as well as sunken, fjord-like valleys that led the region to be named “Norway of Arabia”. Amongst the best attractions of going to Musandam is taking an inviting dhow cruise to Khor ash Sham in order to explore the ‘fjord’ with its highly sheer cliffs and clear water. And don’t forget to check out Luxury Accommodation in Oman, the Fanar Hotel and Residences.