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The Importance of Well Testing in Grants Pass, OR

If you use a well as your primary source of drinking water, you need to be aware of the possible contaminates the water may contain. Because water can contain so many types of contaminates, it is best for your health to have your well water tested to ensure that it is safe for you and your family to drink.

Types of Contaminates

There are several type of compounds that can be found in your water and each one has a different effect on your well water. These include microbials, organic and inorganic compounds, and metals. Microbials can be dangerous, depending on the type that they are. Decomposing organic material, yeast, and mold in the water may have risks when consumed. It is best to have well testing done to determine if any of these are found in your water and if it is safe to drink. Click here for more details about the best Well testing in Grants Pass, OR.

Both organic and inorganic compounds come in a variety of types, some of which are safe to drink and others that are not. Volatile organic compounds are some of the dangerous ones as when they break down, they leave residue that causes contamination. To be sure that these are not in your well water, well testing is necessary. While humans require some metals in certain amounts for their overall health, large amounts of these metals can be dangerous. With well testing, lab technicians can determine if the levels of metal in your water is safe to drink.

Testing to Ensure Peace of Mind

Well testing in Grants Pass, OR is crucial if you are to consume the water from your well. Your well should be tested twice a year for bacteria and every two or three years for harmful chemicals. If you stick to the recommended testing schedule, you can rest assured that your drinking water is safe. To find out more about testing services and procedures, visit Website.