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The Future of Dating

It’s very easy to find a date online. You just need to log into an app and start swiping on faces that you find appealing. In that way, you can find someone to date without much effort. However, when you put forth that little effort and you know that little about the person you are trying to date, you will end up with a commensurate result. If you put forth very little effort and know very little about a person, you’ll likely end up with a date that is not much to your liking. To find a great date, you need to take dating seriously. You need to treat it like something that is actually important to you. If you’re using apps or searching for a matchmaker, finding dates is obviously important. You should treat it as such. Furthermore, you should choose a matchmaker over an app.

Choose a Matchmaker

Paradoxically, the future of dating lies in its past. Before the apps and online services began to populate the scene, matchmakers were the primary method for people to find dates that they could not find on their own. They fell out of favor as people began to use apps that were less personal and cheaper. However, the matchmaker is still the most effective method for finding great dates. A matchmaker is a person who understands what attracts one person to another and what makes two people compatible.


Compatibility is more than just physical attraction. The apps that many people use only rank people on physical features or on a few data points that you fill out in a survey. Attraction and compatibility is much more than just a few data points. There are some intuitive aspects that are sometimes difficult to explain. However, a great matchmaker will understand them and be able to put you in touch with a person who is a good match.