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Questions To Ask When Looking For Immigration Services In Melbourne

The immigration and Visa process in Australia can be incredibly complex. However, there are services in the area whose primary aim is providing assistance with these types of applications. Migration agents can be a valuable source of assistance and information. To be sure you find the best migration agent for your situation, here are a few questions to ask when looking for immigration services in Melbourne.

Question #1: What Specific Services Do You Offer?

It is important to know the specific services offered by the migration agency you are investigating. In some cases, they may only handle specific situations, such as marriages or children’s Visas. If the website is unclear in this regard, be sure you ask. Try to find a migration agency that offers many different services. The type of application that you are seeking may not be the most appropriate under applicable laws, and a migration agent well versed in a variety of different Visa services will be able to identify this for you.

Question #2: Are You Registered?

In Australia, only individuals registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) can offer these types of services. Before things advance, and certainly before you sign any paperwork or hand over any money, ask about your agent’s registration status. Reputable agents and agencies will have no trouble providing proof of MARA certification.

Question #3: What Do You Need From Me?

If your conversation ends with you booking an appointment with that particular migration agent, ask what documentation he or she needs from you. You may need to bring certain items or documentation to your first appointment or documents that your agent may request in advance of the first appointment. Jot down a list of these items, and gather together as many as you can before your appointment. If you cannot locate a particular document, make a note of that, and be sure to ask for your agent’s help when you arrive. Contact LIVV Immigration today for free consultation.