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How Bumper Stickers Can Help You Market Your Products Better

Bumper stickers have been around almost as long as vehicles have, and they are still a popular and influential piece of marketing equipment for many companies. They have become increasingly popular and more now more versatile than ever. They can offer an incredible effect for your marketing and advertising campaign, which means you may want to visit Gecko Sticker Signage now to start customising and selecting some stickers.

Rolling Advert

Most advertisements have one caveat. They’re static, which means they cannot move with the customer. People must travel past them to get the full effect. Likewise, internet advertisements require people to be in front of their computer or use their smart device. Bumper stickers are different because they travel wherever the vehicle goes. Your small cost can go all over the area, taking with it your message.


In most cases, you can purchase your bumper stickers in bulk and keep them on hand as needed to pass out to clients and customers. Many printing companies will offer discounts if you buy more, meaning you can save money while still producing something that people will want to use and have.

Say Whatever You Want

While bumper stickers are relatively small in nature, you can still use it as a customisable way to say whatever you need to say. If you have a small logo or well-known brand image, you can just use that. Likewise, some companies just put their name and website on the sticker to pique interest.

Free Item

The best part is that bumper stickers really do work because people always love getting a free item. If you mention the words “free gift” for a product launch or event, more people will come and hear what you have to say, all to get something free that will still promote your business.