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Things Your Cable Broadband Internet Provider Won’t Tell You

If your internet connection has been a hassle and you have absolutely no clue whether to give it time or to change your cable broadband connection right away, you need to know the reasons behind it to decide.

Here are some facts your cable broadband internet provider won’t tell you, which you should know to make more informed decisions.

Sometimes the connection speed is slowed down

The cable broadband internet provider will sometimes slow down the internet to give a break to the customers using up large volume of data. This is to maintain the connection speed for all of the customers in the area without compromising on quality. So the next time you get agitated at the download crawling at the speed of a disabled tortoise, you know it is because of the data consumption that the internet speed had been slowed down.

The term ‘cancel’ is an alarm for the service provider

You might or might not have experienced this but a customer cancelling the services of a cable broadband internet provider means the customer gets priority over all the concerns going on. Price hikes can also be abstained from if the customers are no longer into the cable broadband internet services, for the very reason.

The bundle offers are at risk of breakdowns

The bundle offers and packages containing a number of internet services may seem very attractive but there is a hidden cost. These costs might not be extra charges but compromises in the internet connection, such as loss of connectivity and slower speeds. If not that, then in a bundle service, the lack of sound connection of the cable broadband might also mean phone connection going out as well.

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