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Combat Your AC System’s Idle Time with an Air Conditioning Contractor in Bensalem, PA

Summer is on its way, and air conditioning systems across the country are soon to be in constant use. Though many AC’s may have seen last year’s warm weather through to the end without any problems, sitting idle through the colder months tends to take its toll. As is the case with automobiles, regular inspections and tune-ups are critical to ensuring heating and air conditioning systems operate at maximum efficiency and live up to their performance potential.

Dust and debris have a way of building up in your outside unit, and this can cause a few different issues once you restart the system in late spring. For one, this extra layer of dirt can reduce your system’s functionality. At the same time, it can place added strain on various moving components, causing greater wear and tear than necessary.

An air conditioning contractor in Bensalem, PA, will check the exterior portions of your system and rid its fins, coils, blower motor, belt and other parts of winter’s buildup. Another element of this service is lubricating moving parts to reduce friction, increasing efficiency while cutting down the risk of malfunctions. Despite being a closed system, coolant has a way of escaping over time. In some cases, this happens because of a slow leak you may not be able to detect on your own. Professional technicians have the experience and equipment needed to find those leaks, repair them and restore coolant to its proper level.

Those portions of your air conditioning system inside your home are equally important. If your ductwork is clogged or damaged, your system won’t cool as it should. The results could be higher energy bills as well as odd hot-and-cold areas in your home rather than uniform cooling throughout. Repairing any damage to the ductwork and cleaning it on a regular basis is another service offered by your local air conditioning contractor in Bensalem, PA.

While filters are easy to clean or change, this is one of the jobs many homeowners overlook. In the event you happen to fall into this category, your AC technician will carry out this task as well. A number of factors go into ensuring your air conditioning system provides peak performance, and annual inspections bring them all together.