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Reasons to Set up Kia Forte Dealership

Dealerships in New Jersey are warming up to Kia models. The Korean car manufacturer has been aggressive in marketing their vehicles around the world.  One of the models that are gaining traction in the American market is the Kia Forte. Montville New Jersey has opportunities and gaps in the auto dealership sector that require exploitation. Below are pros and cons of stocking the Kia Forte.


  • Warranty Period: – The Korean manufacturer has one of the longest warranty periods in the automotive industry. The Kia Forte warranty is valid for ten years or 100,000 miles. This will be an easy crowd puller to the dealership for the Kia Forte.
  • Price: – The Forte comes packed with a multifunctional high-tech interior, an exquisite body for both the sedan and the hatchback. The reviews online will go a long way in helping a Kia Forte dealer in Montville, NJ sell more cars than in previous years.
  • Space: – Compact cars do not necessarily have sufficient room. The Kia Forte will entice customers who are looking to have adequate leg and head room. The cargo space in both the sedan and the hatchback is particularly sizeable and is a great vehicle for the family.


  • Skeptical reviews: – For the longest time, the Kia brand has a history of being weak and rigid. Around the world, Kia had a reputation of sloppy and an unimaginative design.
  • Resale value: – Globally used cars are set to depreciate further due to volatile factors in the economy like inflation and interest rates. For a Kia Forte dealer in Montville, NJ dealing in used cars, invest in well-maintained vehicles, but they will not come cheap in the end.
  • Safety ratings: – The Kia Forte dealer in Montville NJ should be concerned about the overall poor safety ratings. The Kia Forte scores big for the driver. This is in contrast to passenger safety where front impact and side impact results were dismal.

A Kia Forte dealer in Montville, NJ is set to rake in profits in the coming years as Americans are changing the perception they had about Korean-manufactured cars. The Kia Forte has earned its reputation with a braking distance of less than 15 feet, ranking it as one of the cars that stop very quickly.