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Signs You Need New Lexmark Toner in Madison WI

Those who own businesses know how important it is to have a printer that functions well at all times. It is wise to be aware of the signs that point to needing toner cartridge replacement. This avoids running into a situation where one is unable to print out an important document. Here are some of the biggest things to keep an eye out for to know if lexmark toner in Madison WI is needed.

Be Aware of Low Toner Coverage

A sign that new toner is needed is if there is low toner coverage. If an individual is printing and realizes that there are missing areas, the copy is not printing out evenly, or the print is not as crisp as it once was, it may be time to check the toner. It is either empty or is close to being empty. This is a perfect time to replace it before it runs out and the printer is not able to be used.

Check for Warnings on the Printer

Most printers have warnings that show up on the display panel whenever a problem is occurring. If the toner is low, there will likely be a warning sign that flashes letting you know the time has come to replace the cartridge. This is great because a user can replace it or, at least, be sure to have some in stock before it begins to print the documents with spots and streaks.

Look out for Toner Spots and Clumps

Be on the lookout for any clumps or spots found on the paper. Whenever toner begins to run low, it is common for the small amount that is still in there to cause clumps and streaks to form on the pages. If this happens and there is not anymore lexmark toner in Madison WI, try shaking the cartridge and putting it back in place to see if it evens out the toner so it can be used to print for a few more days.

Your best bet is to keep a large stock of toner in store for whenever the printer runs low. This keeps the flow of work going and avoids the problem of not being able to print in an emergency. Contact us for more information.