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Choose the Right Carbide Drill Bit for Your Project

Choosing the right carbide drill bit for you project is a critical step in ensuring the success of your project.  Carbide bits are the hardest bits available. They are powerful, rigid and ready to get the toughest jobs done. They are not your run of the mill bits; they are typically used in industrial settings. These types of bits are built too last and get the job done, if you need power you need this type of bit.

Points of Consideration

There are several things you should consider when choosing your next carbide bit. Consider the following to ensure that you choose the right bit:

  • The angle- typically you choose form one of two sizes 118 (degrees) or 135 (degrees). The 118 is more common than the 135 but the 135 drills faster and is ideal for hard materials like stainless steel.
  • The length- the shorter the drill bit the faster and more accurately it will move so therefor choose the size that is the shortest length that you can get by with for more accuracy.
  • Parabolic or Standard flute design- the standard is fine for harder material while the parabolic design is ideal for softer materials like plastics
  • Point coating- depending on what you want to drill the coating options you have are Black oxide for ferrous materials only, TiN can extend the life of tools, TiCN. The TiCN is the most durable and is ideal for cast iron and other very hard surfaces like nickel based, stainless.

Choosing the right drill bit is as important as any other planning step in the project. The right drill bit will make easy work or any project and keep the work flow moving along. Hemly Tool Supply has a wide range of carbide bits that make every project a success.