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How to Rekindle Interest in the Employee Recognition Program

It is not uncommon for an employee recognition program to lose some of the firepower it had when it started. In fact, one of the biggest challenges that employee recognition programs face is the maintenance of momentum after the initial newness wears off. They normally start off strong, with employee interest and participation very high, then end up fading into obscurity. Here are a few ways to keep the momentum of the program going.

Package the Program in The Right Way

Just like the company packages itself and its goods and services to its employees, it is important to get the packaging of the program right. When done well, it can be a useful rallying point for employees. It needs a creative name, theme and identity. When looking to revitalize the program, think about how you have been communicating about the program, and take some time to review whether there is need for any changes to make the program more effective.

Employees Can Be Your Biggest Champions

Another way to keep interest high is to recognize the efforts of the most active users publicly. During company meetings, shine the spotlight on the people that have given the most attention to it, and give them an award or small gift to commemorate the achievement. This sends the message to the other employees that recognition is important, and that if they want to be recognized; they have to participate in the company activities too.
Sometimes, even with such awards, employee interest still goes down. To avoid this, add new awards every now and then. Keep up with the popular trends in gifting and the times of year that the awards happen.

Offer Team Incentives

Maintaining interest in recognition programs requires more than just a reactive approach. A team approach is a proactive one and keeps the employees excited about the program and its prospects. One of the most useful ways to do this is through goal setting. Set a goal for them and describe the rewards they will get when they hot this goal.

Ask Employees for Suggestions

Sometimes, employees might have different ideas. Ask them for suggestions for improvement, what they think would generate greater interest and the kinds of rewards they like or prefer.

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