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Differences Between Standby And Portable Back Up Generators In Glenview

A generator is an important purchase for any homeowner. Back up generators can keep your family safe, comfortable, and even happy during a power outage. They can prevent your food from spoiling and your family from getting too cold if the outage happens to occur in the winter months. While the decision to purchase a back up generator is obvious, the tricky part comes in trying to determine which type to bring home. Here are a few differences between standby and portable back up generators in Glenview, to help make the decision a bit easier.


Portable generators are the least expensive option available, so if finances are a concern, they may be your best bet. While standby generators are much more expensive, they can also help you recoup some of the costs of installing the standby generator when you sell your home. In addition, standby generators tend to save you more money because they last much longer than portable generators.


Potable generators are much more labor intensive than their standby counterparts. Simply put, the homeowner must operate the portable generator manually, meaning that he or she will need to be at home and have access to the generator in order to turn it on. Standby generators are automatic, and will turn on immediately. Portable generators will also need to be filled with gas more frequently, due to their smaller tanks.


Portable generators are less safe than their standby counterparts. Operating a portable generator carries with it a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which means that the generator must be kept at a reasonably safe distance from the home. The same risk isn’t there when it comes to a standby generator. Standby generators are also preferred in situations where there are important pieces of medical equipment that must be kept running, or if vitally important medication must be kept at a particular temperature. They are simply more reliable than portable ones, and will start immediately without any intervention from the homeowner.

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