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How To Find A Reputable Safety Staffing Agency

When looking for individuals to fill safety roles at your site, it’s important to find the best candidates for each position. Human resources managers and plant owners may not be experienced in hiring people to for safety compliance positions, making it challenging for them to learn each aspect of the job that is essential, and to find the best and most qualified candidate for that position. As a result, HR departments and plant owners tend to look for staffing agencies who specialize in safety. Agencies such as these pre-screen applicants, and will only send over resumes of those individuals who are best for the position, saving the HR department, and you, a lot of time and hassle. Here are a few tips on how to find a reputable safety staffing agency.

Investigate Response Time

One of the first things that should be considered is the time you have to interview and hire an individual for the safety position. In some cases, you may have less than a week before your project begins, while in other cases you may have a bit more leeway in terms of finding the best individual for the position. Ask the agency about their delivery time; in particular, ask if they offer rush services in the event you find yourself understaffed on short notice.

Ask About Training Requirements

It’s important to be sure that the agency you’re using to staff your safety positions sends you highly trained individuals for those roles. Be clear with the agency about the nature and scope of the position available, and let them know what type of experience you are looking for in an applicant. Most agencies have a predetermined requirement for training hours, often around forty, along with in-field training required for their supervisors. Be sure you seek clarification on these numbers, as it may affect the quality of applicant the agency sends you for consideration.

Consider Hiring Locally

Larger staffing agencies will have a wealth of individuals from across the region available for safety positions. If this happens to be the case for you, spend some time and consider hiring someone who lives relatively close to your plant. This will ensure that they are familiar with your brand, your own safety standards, and the surrounding environment, which will be an asset to you should any emergency occur.

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