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Looking For Residential Moving Companies? Consider A Storage Business

There is no shortage of professional moving businesses in Wichita, Kansas, yet many residents rely on storage businesses to help them relocate. The choice is especially popular among those who are just moving across town or to a city nearby. They contact storage businesses that qualify as Residential Moving Companies. Professionals like U-Stor Self Storage provide packing supplies, rental trucks and all the guidance clients need to organize efficient moves.

Professional Staff Can Simplify Moves

Full-service storage facilities are often considered Residential Moving Companies because they offer everything needed for many kinds of relocations. For example, they provide rental trucks that can be adapted for individual needs. In addition, clients who visit sites like website URL can book Penske vehicles online and save as much as 10% on fees. Staff members help customers choose the right sized truck. They typically offer models that can hold 1-2, 2-3 or 3-5 rooms of furniture. Customers who rent trucks and do their own moving have control over the process and can save a lot of money.

Experts Make Packing Easier

Storage specialists also sell a wide variety of packing materials. Well-trained specialists help customers choose the right supplies for their needs. Most businesses sell packing and moving boxes, tape, shrink wrap, stretch cords, bubble wrap, and padlocks. They let customers know what sizes and types of boxes they need. If clients find that they don’t need all of the supplies, storage businesses will generally buy them back.

Storage Facilities Solve a Range of Problems

The staff at a well-run storage company can also help clients choose storage units. Many of their customers put belongings in storage while they are away at college, after downsizing or when new homes aren’t ready for occupancy. Storage companies offer units for virtually every need. Units typically range in size from 5×6 to 10×30. Many companies have other sizes, too and most offer temperature controlled units.

Wichita, Kansas residents who want to arrange affordable, efficient moves often work with full-service storage businesses. The companies provide rental trucks for a variety of needs and sell packing materials. They also provide storage units and help clients choose the right type and size for their needs. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.