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Custome Wall Signs in Washington DC

Interior signs say a lot about any type of business or building. Custom Wall Signs Washington DC can present a professional image for law offices, government buildings, and small businesses. Signs can be in a variety of fonts, from big and bold, to elegant and distinctive. A company seal or logo can adorn entrances, each floor, every conference room, and even be placed in elevators. A small business can have a special sign created that hangs from a bracket to capture attention from people on the street, or be placed on the wall over the reception area.

Other businesses, such as shopping centers, small boutiques, hair salons, or service centers may want wall signs in Washington, DC that reflect the uniqueness of that particular shop, offer something whimsical, or identify the service immediately. A wooden blow-dryer, for example, with the name of the salon etched into it will let people know the focus is hair styling. Building blocks or a cradle in signature colors may be just the thing to attract people into the corner store in the mall that sells clothes and furniture for babies and children. A hotel emblem in solid bronze will catch the eye, and remind guests of the name for future business. Increasing brand recognition is important, and signs contribute to that. Having an image that stands out among the competition is well worth the time and money spent on a custom designed sign, rather than have on pulled off a stock shelf or printed from a template.

There are several places people can get signs made, so selecting one that can provide design services, as well as produce the final product will save time and money. Many stores for custom signs and awards, such as Award Crafters Inc, for example, have been in business for decades and specialize in top quality craftsmanship. Wood signs are the most common because they can be painted, can be lightweight to go on the wall, and are quicker to have completed. Other materials for signs, awards, plaques, statues, and desk plates are solid bronze, aluminum, and green materials. Eco-friendly options include bamboo and coconut shells that resemble the beauty of wood. They are made from materials that are usually discarded, so reclaiming them helps the environment through sustainability.