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Expert Auto Detailing in Baltimore

Auto enthusiasts take great pride in their cars and enjoy keeping them shiny and new looking. To achieve such a look takes great attention to detail, and “detail” is the key word to achieving the goal. Auto detailing in Baltimore provides such a service. The process of detailing is offered for the inside of the car as well as the outside. In some cases, clients are only interested is particular parts of the car. Hence, detailing doesn’t have to mean servicing the entire car.

Exterior detailing

To get that gleaming, mirrored look, exterior detailing focuses on the surface of the cars finish. That means cleaning, polishing, refurbishing, and then waxing the paint. Other exterior parts of the car involve shining the chrome trim, cleaning all of the glass including the windows front and rear as well as the side mirrors. Also, it is important to polish the wheels and finish side walls of the tires.

There are several products on the market for exterior detailing. First of all, it is important to clean the surface well. This may take more than just soap-and-water. Auto Detailing in Baltimore uses a special cleaning product made to cut through the cars surface to remove old wax. These materials are often a detergent and acid-free compounds that break down dirt and soil. Professional detail services may also use a clay block over scratches and dings to remove additional and embedded soils on the surface. Finally, the wax and polish are applied to bring out the shine. These materials may be applied using several applications such as a cloth, brush, or towels. Waxes and polishes are applied to the surface by using special applicators such as brushes and drying towels.

Interior detailing

Everyone likes a clean interior to go with a shiny exterior. To fully detail a car, cleaning the inside is equally important. Depending on the material of the seat cushions, special products are required. Begin by vacuuming the seat cushions along with the entire car first, then apply a commercial cleaner to the leather. It is wise to perform this monthly to keep the leather from getting dry and cracking. For synthetic upholstery, most cleaning products on the market will do. Be sure to clean all surfaces to remove built-up grease and remove any stains. Contact us for all your auto detailing needs.