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Advantages of Heating Oil in Norwich, CT

Before choosing Heating Oil in Norwich CT, many people want to first learn more about the different advantages attached to this heating alternative. Heating oil is a very affordable option and is, in fact, the cheapest way to heat a home in most cases. In the past two decades, heating oil has consistently been ranked as a better value than gas heat. Water heaters fired by heating oil recover quicker and less costly, in addition to the fact that they also burn hotter. There are several other major advantages as well.

The Safety Factor

Heating Oil in Norwich CT has the best safety rating of the different heating options today. Heating oil is not explosive, and if fumes are accidentally inhaled it will not cause a lethal level of damage. Another thing that makes the safety factor so high with a heating oil system is that the system starts to show signs of failure as it starts to function improperly. If things like soot, smoke, or a bad smell are observed, it is a clear warning that it is time to call in a professional heating oil company to look at the system. With gas heat, such symptoms are non-existent, which may lead to safety risks in the home that the homeowner is never even aware of.

The Clean Factor

Heating oil is very clean. In fact, it is so clean that it does not even have to be regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. Heating oil consistently burns with such a low level of emissions that it is far cleaner than natural gas could ever be. People who are concerned about the environment consistently choose home heating oil today.

The Temperature Factor

For those who want instant warmth, nothing can beat home heating oil. The ultra hot flame produced by home heating oil makes it extremely easy to warm the home far more quickly than other forms of heat can. This allows for a comfortable temperature for the entire family while less fuel is actually consumed. To learn even more about heating oil advantages, you could look here now.