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The Mystery Of The Check Engine Light And The Need For Automotive Repairs

When a car breaks down and isn’t drivable, it’s convenient to find a repair garage that offers towing service. As a full-service shop, the garage also does repair work when customers don’t need to have their vehicles towed. For example, if the vehicle’s “check engine” light appears, diagnostic testing explains what the problem is. A technician uses specialized equipment to check the specific code the light is signaling. The code may indicate something as simple as a poorly fitting gas cap or something requiring Automotive Repairs. That could be a moderate-level problem such as a malfunctioning fuel injector or, worse, a failing cylinder.

Many people hesitate to have the diagnostic work done because normally there’s a charge for the service. They’ve known people who drive around for years with the “check engine” light on and never have any trouble. However, that’s counterproductive. It could lead to the car having a serious and inconvenient breakdown on the highway. It could lead to the initial problem becoming worse, affecting other components and being more expensive to fix later.

The light comes on when the sensors detect a problem with the emissions system. That might indicate trouble with engine performance or the fuel mix, or an issue with the sensors themselves. Some vehicles have more sophisticated indicators telling the driver it’s time for Automotive Repairs. For example, the light might be yellow if the problem is not considered major and red if it’s something that should be attended to relatively quickly. A flashing red light tells the driver that a breakdown is imminent. Unfortunately, most people still have cars that simply show the words “check engine” in red or orange and do not provide any additional information. To make matters even more confusing, sometimes the light goes off for days or even weeks then reappears for no apparent reason.

An automotive technician at a garage such as USA Towing & Recovery do diagnostic testing and figure out why that light has come on. They provide estimates for the repair work, whether it’s something minor or major engine trouble. Visit the website for details on this particular shop. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.