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The Importance of Septic Tank Service in Cedar Rapids, IA to Maintain Good System Performance

Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA is key to having a functional wastewater treatment system. A septic system needs to be used properly by the owner and scheduled maintenance is required. A septic tank treats wastewater with microorganisms that consume harmful contaminants from the liquid. The solid contents that cannot be processed settle to the bottom. There is clarified liquid that rests at the middle and top of the tank. Clarified liquid is sent through the drainfield to be dispersed in the soil. Aerobic bacteria break down organic matter to slow down the accumulation of sludge.

Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA is necessary to extract sludge when it has reached capacity. Service technicians also inspect the unit to see if there is damage or parts that need to be replaced. These services rendered together are imperative to performance because it’s a system where all working parts operate jointly. If one function fails, it interrupts other processes. A deficiency in the bacteria that digests organic matter is a problem that can lead to system failure. Chemicals from household cleaning products, such as bleach and antibacterial soaps, can kill helpful bacteria the septic system needs. These substances cannot excessively be sent down drains. Sludge can build up rapidly and the tank reaches capacity prematurely. If the owner doesn’t know a substance being exposed to the tank is stopping an important process, drainfield flooding may be a result. Unexpected emergency pump service with a big clean may come next. To avoid this, service technicians need to thoroughly inform their customers on proper use. Visit website for more details about the importance of septic tank service in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Septic tank installation should only be done by qualified professionals. Public health and sanitation standards depend on it. Those needing a new septic tank installed on a property should get their land inspected so a compatible system can be selected. The workers installing a tank need to know the makeup of the subterranean parts of the landscape. Underground equipment like pipework is carefully avoided and left undisturbed. Tank size has to be put into account because a system too small can fail. Tank size is determined by the number of occupants in a home and how many appliances, toilets, and faucets are used. Schedule service with Roto-Rooter Sewer &Drain Cleaning.