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4 Ways A Lawyer Who Handles Cases Involving Drunk Driving West Bridgewater MA Can Challenge A DUI Charge

A DUI arrest can lead to the loss of the offender’s license for at least three months, extensive fines, forced attendance at alcohol abuse classes, registration restrictions, and a blemished police record. Because a DUI arrest can lead to so many problems, the offender should consider hiring a lawyer who handles cases involving Drunk Driving West Bridgewater MA. A lawyer may be able to get the offender’s sentence reduced. In some cases, there may be something that the lawyer can do to challenge the DUI charge.

Challenging the Legality of the Traffic Stop

Lawyers who handle cases involving Drunk Driving West Bridgewater MA know a great deal about traffic law. If the lawyer can prove that the driver was pulled over with no just cause, the case could possibly be thrown out of court.

Disputing Suspicion that the Driver Was Under the Influence

When a driver is pulled over for drunk driving, the arresting officer will often note the driver’s condition in the arrest report. This can include slurred speech, a scent of alcohol, and red, bloodshot eyes. A drunk driving lawyer can argue that the slurred speech and red eyes were due to a medical condition or a reaction to prescription medication. They can also argue that the presence of alcohol on the driver’s breath was something as simple as the scent of mouthwash.

Questioning the Field Sobriety Test

If a driver was arrested for failing the field sobriety test after being pulled over, a lawyer may be able to help. They can argue that the driver failed due to being overweight or having a physical ailment. They could say that the driver was wearing unstable footwear, the weather conditions were not favorable for such a test, or that the driver just lacks coordination. Click here to know more about the lawyers who handles cases involving drunk driving in West Bridgewater, MA.

Challenging the Results of a Breathalyzer Test

There are certain circumstances where a person can hire a lawyer to challenge a breathalyzer test. The lawyer could argue that the equipment was not properly calibrated. They could also challenge by saying that the equipment malfunctioned or that the officer performing the test make an error. There are also certain health conditions that can cause errors on a breathalyzer and over the counter products, such as mouthwash, that would cause a driver to fail a breathalyzer.