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A Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pittsburgh, PA Can Get the Business Back to Normal

Cleanup after a fire is a difficult process that requires sufficient time and the right equipment. After a devastating fire, when victims must find a new place to do business, deal with health concerns, and contend with the insurance company, salvage isn’t always a priority. In such a case, the business owner should contact us to hire a commercial fire damage restoration company in Pittsburgh PA.

Delaying Cleanup Can Have Serious Consequences

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) says that delayed cleanup can have severe consequences. Along with the destruction caused by soot, flames, and heat, smoke and water are equally devastating. Immediate assistance is important to minimize exposure to toxins and limit the cost of restoration. Below are some of the dangers:

* Within just minutes of the fire being extinguished, soot residue can discolor plastic surfaces. Some materials, such as marble, can be ruined.

* It only takes a few hours for the acid in soot to yellow countertops and tarnish unprotected metals, appliances, and furniture.

* Within a few days, acid can discolor walls and corrode metals. Flooring made of vinyl or wood must be refinished or replaced, and textiles must be removed.

* Within weeks, carpets can be ruined because of discoloration and odor, and fixtures can be irretrievably corroded. China, crystal, and glass can be etched due to exposure to acidic soot.

Soot and Water can Ruin the Building’s Interior and Contents

In addition to the devastation caused by open flames, soot can cause immeasurable harm to the interior of a commercial building. However, the problems don’t always end there. Odor removal is a significant challenge, and fans alone are insufficient to disperse the smoke odor. Matters are complicated further by the water damage from first responders’ efforts to extinguish the blaze.

Choosing the Right Restoration Company

When choosing a firm to handle commercial fire damage restoration, customers should make sure that the staff is trained and certified. All safety and health certificates should be up to date, and the staff should have significant experience in multiple types of restoration. The Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pittsburgh PA, should be willing to provide proof of professional licensing as well as updated insurance information.