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4 Ways Renting Office Equipment Can Save Your Startup

As technology continues to improve at break-necking speed, tech companies continue to deliver new and even better tools, apps, and equipment. Some new releases sport almost the same features as their predecessors, except for a few notable designs and feature refreshes. Others are a complete departure from the norm, breaking new ground and setting the trend for future equipment.
What that means for the small business owner, then, is that it’s become highly impractical and unwise to sink dollars into buying office equipment. That’s why renting them is a better option.

Advantages of Renting Equipment:

1. Acquire new technology
Renting equipment is one way for companies to get new technologies they need without breaking the bank, the Business News Daily said. A lot of companies leasing office equipment don’t ask you for a huge down payment, so it’s the ideal solution for cash-strapped companies who need to invest most of their capital into areas of R&D or sales.

2. Tax break
When you rent instead of buy office equipment, you can note that down as a business expense, which lowers your overall net cost. So when you rent a copier, for instance, you can reclaim every amount you pay to cover the rental fees.

3. Improved productivity
With a new set of equipment, you and your team are now capable of working on projects that hadn’t been possible before because you were lacking the proper equipment. With better tools comes improved productivity. And for startups, that productivity boost matters. When you’re working around the clock to launch a product or deliver one to the market, you need all the help you can get because so long as the product or service hasn’t launched, there’s no money coming in to fill up company coffers. So every minute to the launch counts. In cases where your team is competing against similar technology, whoever gets to the market first can end up with a bigger slice of the consumer pie. So speed is essential.

4. Flexible payment options
When you buy equipment, you immediately have to shell out a huge investment. When you rent, you only need to pay out a small amount every month. That’s kinder on your budget and allows you to allocate your funds with more ease.

So if your startup needs a few tools, you might want to consider office equipment leasing in Billings from companies like Automated Office Systems. Consider the advantages, and look into your options today. Yo can also connect them on Facebook.