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Improve your Relationship with Couples Sex Therapy in New York City

Intimacy is a natural part of a committed relationship, but it can also be a barrier for many couples. It can be a tough topic to discuss too. You don’t want your partner to feel bad but you have needs and frustrations. Both of you likely have the issue on your mind but nothing is being said. This isn’t moving your relationship in the right direction.

It is possible to improve your relationship with couples sex therapy in New York City. You will discuss the situation with a professional counselor. They will help to facilitate the conversations to get both parties engaged. They will also offer a comfortable and safe environment for the communication to take place. Often, it is the wrong format of communication that can stop a couple from completing such discussions. With the help of a counselor, the outcome can be more favorable.

Core Issues

During couples sex therapy, the goal will be to try to get to the core issues. Often, there is more going on than just a lack of sex. One of the partners may not feel appreciated or they may feel overwhelmed. Identifying what is going on with the communication and the interactions of the relationship on a day to day basis can help.

There may be a health issue that is preventing one or the individuals from being able to enjoy sexual activity. This can include chronic pain, erectile dysfunction, and even mental health issues. During the counseling, there will be plenty of questions to try to address what is going on in the relationship. Be open and honest to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Infidelity can also be a concern in a relationship. If one of the partners has been unfaithful it can make it hard for the other person to trust them. It can make it hard for them to have any desire to take part in sex with them. It can take the time to accept the situation and to offer forgiveness. You have to decide if the relationship means enough for you to try.

Making Changes

Making time for intimacy is important, and many couples don’t do so. Spending more quality time together is a great way to encourage it. Couples sex therapy is meant to encourage more than just having sex more frequently. It will encourage finding small ways to re-connect on a regular basis. This can include date nights, phone calls, flirting, and making your partner feel valued.

When you go to your next session, talk about what you have done since the last one. Discuss what has been tried and what hasn’t yet. Talk about what is improving the relationship and what is still hurting it. Based on that information, the counselor can continue to strive to help your relationship to improve in terms of intimacy and overall.