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Some Differences Between Ordering Liquid Propane vs. Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT

If anyone has been accustomed to heating a home with liquid propane and is moving to a house with a system that runs on Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT, this person may be surprised to be offered a service contract. Propane delivery companies typically don’t offer maintenance and repair service contracts, although some of the workers are qualified to do repair work on the tank and lines. Heating oil companies are different. They typically offer 24-hour emergency service not only if the oil runs out but if the system breaks down, and they tend to offer value plans.

A service agreement with a company providing Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT includes yearly cleaning, inspection and maintenance. The plan is likely to offer discounts on repair work and new parts. The homeowner moving into a place with an oil furnace will find similarities with how propane and heating oil are ordered and delivered. As with propane, heating oil companies offer various types of contracts, and some provide cash-on-delivery service for people who don’t want a contract.

Contracts offer various features. The homeowner may pay for the season’s fuel oil up front, for instance, which involves a discounted rate per gallon. Some contracts lock in a price that is somewhat higher than the prepaid price but still guarantees that the cost per gallon for the customer will not spike at some point during the winter. Another contract allows homeowners to pay on a monthly budget plan, just as utility companies offer. Some companies only offer these fuel deals to customers who sign a service agreement. It’s wise for the homeowner to call several companies for information before making a decision since the pricing and contracts can vary significantly from one business to another.

After the first winter, if the new homeowner is very satisfied with the performance of an organization such as Andersen Oil Company, he or she may simply want to stick with this business instead of shopping around. Anyone who is learning about heating oil for the first time and needs to decide on a provider may read the full info here about this particular company.