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Why a Spare Set of Master Keys Makes Sense

It is not enough to have one set of Master Keys that will allow the owner to access any part of the building. Choosing to have a second set made and kept in a secure position will come in handy in a number of situations. Here are some examples that help to illustrate how that spare set will make a difference.

Losing the Keys

Keys can be lost, even by people who are responsible. All it takes is a second for keys to slip out of a pocket or end up falling into a waste bin. Do not overlook the possibility of the keys being stolen.

Whatever has led to the loss of those keys, think of how nice it would be to have a spare set of Master Keys on hand. While it does make good sense to have new locks installed, it will be much easier to access all the areas of the building and make sure everything is in order. When the locksmith arrives to install the new locks, there will be no need to break anything down in order to handle the job.

The Keys are Temporarily Unavailable

The business owner went on vacation this past Friday and forgot to leave the set of master keys with the second in command. When Monday morning rolls around, no one can get to their work areas. If there is a spare set within the reach of the person running the company for the next week, there is no need to place a frantic call to the business owner. Things can move forward as if nothing happened, and everyone can have a good laugh about the incident.

Getting to Employees in an Emergency

Due to security restrictions, some employees work behind locked doors. That is fine most of the time, but what happens if an employee becomes ill and cannot unlock the door? If someone can reach that spare set of keys, it will be easy to open the door, notify the authorities, and have medical help on the way in no time.

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